Cleaning out our CLOSETS with a Closet Sale

New year, new.....CLOSET? 

Honestly, we are not at all about that "new year, new me" energy. What's wrong with the old me? I was kinda liking her. 

But some of the old clothes....well....they need a NEW home. 

Owning a store produces some big closets. We're running out of hangers. The rod is bending in the middle. Fact is, Chelsey doesn't even have a master closet and sneaking into her newborn's room to grab a jacket is getting old.

We texted, we met and now it's ON. 

To round off the first month of the year in a fun way, we're hosting a closet sale this January 25 - February 1, 2023. Shop with us in person, on social, or reach out to us via DM (or email if that's your jam) for a FaceTime closet haul. No matter how you choose to shop, you need IN on these gently used boutique clothes. 

Shop well-loved SoSis clothes for $5, $10 & $15!




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