Today I am 5, 15, 25, 35! Let's celebrate with 35% off!

When I turned 25, I was still new in my career, working side gig after side gig because it was fun and dating my now husband, Robert. The biggest thing we were planning at this point was probably what we were going to throw on the St. Patrick's Day float asking for used bags of beads from whoever would give them to us. 

At 15, my biggest fear was not having a date to the Homecoming dance. Don't worry, I went stag before it was cool. I was completely insecure in who I was and navigating my way through my freshman year of high school with my big sister in California and having not yet had my first kiss, HA. 

When I turned 5, I have no idea what I was thinking or doing. One thing I know to be true - my grandfather was taking care of me at home and I loved him a whole lot. One of my favorite places to be was on his left lap. 

Recently I had a light bulb moment that I just can't get out of my head.

If I can't be fully 5, I can't be 15, I can't be 25, I can't be 35. 

Today I am all of those ages. I am a little girl who loves her family. I am a teenager who still gets scared of change. I am a young professional who still loves to date (and celebrate St. Patrick's Day). 

I am a woman who isn't afraid to be my corny, overbearing, overly sensitive, caring, involved and over-achieving self. It's who I am and I'm ok with that. 

Know what else? I am unapologetically asking you to support my small business. Your support matters. More than you know. Your individual purchase today matters to our sales goals - goals we must meet to keep hustling, keep dreaming, keep going. It. Matters. 

For today's celebration, we're offering you not 5, not 15, not 25 - but 35% OFF ONE ITEM FOR 24 HOURS ONLY. Use code SISTATURNS35 at checkout or visit us in-store today! 

Let's celebrate International Women's Day and my 35th birthday with 35% off. 

Shop my birthday look: 

Red Hot Dress: $88 | The Sienna Platform Heel (selling fast): $68 | Silver Ball Beaded Bracelet: $18 each



  • Chelsey Blankenship

    Oh my sweet Lil – I love you so. Thank you for this sweet birthday message. YOU, my dear, are just the little taste of Granny I needed.

  • Lil

    You are a bright light. A hilarious, nose flaring, knee slapping laughter. You tell captivating stories with your eyes and hands. You love cookies and cream ice cream, reading a book with your toes in the ocean and a cold ruby redbird. “He lost the pattern when he made you”. You have a heart of gold and you are loved more than you know. So proud of you. Go girl.

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