Callin' Sweet Baton Rouge | Mardi Gras Inspiration from this local T-shirt brand!

Collaboration over competition. 

It's something owner of Sweet Baton Rouge - Meredith Waguespack - is passionate about. It's one reason we've loved carrying the Sweet Baton Rouge brand since we opened our storefront in 2014. 

We've always had a positive experience when working with this local brand, but it wasn't until 2019 that our working relationship with Meredith grew tremendously. In August of 2019, Meredith invited us to participate in her first-time event, The Ultimate Tailgate at Perkins Rowe. It was on this sweltering August afternoon that we sold out of almost all things gameday and girl, what a great "problem" to overcome. 


Shortly after that event, Meredith popped up in store at SoSis to celebrate our 5th birthday. During this event, she invited us to participate in the 2nd year of her Local Pop Up passion project. I call it this because the amount of work put in to support local makers HAS to be the passion of the person in charge - Meredith. For two weeks, we popped up inside the Local Pop Up as the only women's boutique "store within a store." We were honored and when all was said and done - super grateful. 

In all of these collaborations, Sweet Baton Rouge never once worried about either one of us "competing with each other." It was like we all understood that "together we can make something truly meaningful." 

And that we did. Because of one woman who lifted up two others. 

About Sweet Baton Rouge 

Sweet Baton Rouge® is a locally owned business that makes unique to Louisiana lifestyle t-shirts and accessories that represent our home state, Louisiana culture, and southern everyday living. 

We are so excited to offer Sweet Baton Rouge tees in store and online at SoSis. When Meredith sent us her Mardi Gras collection, we were in awe and found it hard to pick our favorites! Both Annie Claire and I agreed on our top four designs and we've added them to our SoSis Mardi Gras mix to get you dressed and ready for this carnival season. 

Shop the Sweet Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Collection at SoSis 


Live your best life all through the Mardi Gras season with this Live Everyday like it's Fat Tuesday Tee by Sweet Baton Rouge. Complete with a purple, green and gold rainbow, this unisex tee is the perfect heather grey v-neck tee for your most fun Mardi Gras parties.



This Mardi Gras mambo tee is ready to be accented by some fun and festive beads! Made by Sweet Baton Rouge and inspired by New Orleans street signs, this purple Mambo tee is bound to bring some soul to your outfit!  



Get ready to GROOVE with this Groovy Mardi Gras Tee by Sweet Baton Rouge. This army green unisex tee has Mardi Gras written in bold lettering and is accented in purple and gold. A perfect tee to pair with some flare jeans and boots to have the perfect groovy look.



Jambalaya, crawfish, king cake and red beans - oh my! This Louisiana sweatshirt by Sweet Baton Rouge has you looking like a parade queen! This graphic sweatshirt has Louisiana printed in carnival colors and features a soft inlined. Perfect to wear to show your love for our fun party state! 


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