An update from SoSis + Annie Claire Designs

You might be wondering, "What is happening with SoSis?"  Or "What's next?"

Since closing our storefront in December 2023, we have taken a lot of time to reflect on what was and dream about what could be. While Annie Claire Designs kept going in full force, SoSis has been on major pause. 

After some thought, Annie Claire's passion for SoSis and Annie Claire Designs held steady and strong. Today, we are excited to announce our next evolution. 

RE: SoSis x Annie Claire Designs. 

In this new version of the brand, SoSis x Annie Claire Designs will release special drops and collections throughout the year featuring the BEST OF SOSIS!  Get ready for the SoSis Signature Collection, Local Love reimagined, Gameday originals, new jewelry designs, and a few of SoSis' most favorite brands sprinkled in.

The new way to "do" SoSis will look a bit different. You will see everything listed online - some will be in-stock and ready to ship and some will be pre-order. This model will allow us to serve you better while also cutting down on waste and maintaining profitability. Efficient production aligned with actual demand helps us keep costs in check, allowing us to continue offering you the best products at great prices. SoSis will always be transparent with you every step of the way and promise every pre-order item purchased will be worth the wait ;). 

Annie Claire Designs has always been a huge part of SoSis, ranking as our #1 product line we've ever carried year after year. With that, you will soon see see a merge start to form...Annie Claire Designs, a division of SoSis.  

Annie Claire and Chelsey have taken a step back to reflect and analyze what our customers love the most about SoSis and Annie Claire Designs and that is going to be SoSis' main focus moving forward.

You will get the same amazing customer experience.

  • Want to FaceTime with AC? That option is always available. 
  • Are you local and like to shop in person? AC will have scheduled studio open dates, as well as appointment options for you.
  • Like to shop online in the comfort of your home? Sis, you know that's where we started, right? We strive to make the online shopping experience with us as easy as possible, providing high quality photos, videos, product descriptions and more.  

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty. SoSis x Annie Claire Designs is excited to bring you these new and improved options and look forward to serving you better than ever.



AC & Chel


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