It's Me, Hi! It's my birthday. It's me! :)

A little Taylor Swift pun feels right since I'll be celebrating turning 39th birthday at her Eras Tour with my best cousins and sis!

39 years around the sun. Goodness. I am so thankful to get to celebrate another birthday and I'm proud of some important l experiences this year threw at me - both personally and professionally. 

Personally, I've learned that I take on other people's feelings way too often and it can really be exhausting. I need to be okay with not being able to fix everything. As a people pleaser, if I feel I've let you down, I take it to heart and must fix it. Most of the time, it's self-inflicted, but still exhausting, nonetheless. I realize I am not for everyone and That. Is. Okay! Still working on this. Maybe I'll have it down by 40? 

Professionally, I've learned to pivot and adapt (yet again) in every effort to overcome this weird climate we are in right now and to really push through. It's hard out here, y'all, but I truly want to keep going and I want YOU to push me, too! Never underestimate your support of our small business. Never ever. 

Random life tip: Don't be ashamed to set yourself a reminder in your phone to check on your people. Life can get so busy, but a simple text message to loved ones can really turn around a crappy day. Not sure if it’s considered a life hack, but it helps me to keep a beat with my friends whom I don’t get to see as often as I’d like. 

Enjoy 39% off one item for today only, ON ME!  It's a happy one indeed :)


Signature V-Neck Sparkle Ribbed Tee: $32 | Cream Faux Leather Pocketed Cropped Pants: $62

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