AC is 38 & we're gifting you 38% off for 38 hours

38 and feeling great? I would say so. Back in the day, birthdays were a month-long celebration for me, but now I'm happy with little to no recognition. I guess it's the more "older and wiser" me.  To me, birthdays are another day and age is just a number.  It's all about how you feel and I still feel 22, so I'm rolling with that!  The sweet texts, facebook mentions and in-person "happy birthdays" are so appreciated!  Nothing makes a girl feel more loved.  

Have no fear, though, because at SoSis, we love a good birthday celebration. So, today, for 38 hours, you can enjoy 38% off one item!  Go on sister, and treat yourself at the cost of my 38 years on this earth. That would make me the happiest!  

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