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To Kim Blanchard and Geri Lynn, having a sister is more like having a best friend to celebrate the good times and get you through the hard times. 

To help celebrate SoSis' fourth birthday, we've teamed up with inspirational sisters around us to learn from them and get inspired as we go into year #5 with even more energy and determination.

Sistas, meet Kim and Geri Lynn. These two have similar styles with very different careers. Their love for and support of one another is something to behold. 

Two Successful Careers 

We first met Kim Blanchard when she attended our ribbon cutting ceremony back in 2016. We knew we were going to love her when she bought a completely new outfit before the ceremony, changed into it and rocked it for the presentation. She'll never know how encouraging that was for us. We just had to learn more about her. 

Kim is a realtor for CJ Brown, and a successful one at that. She changed careers pretty late in life from a nurse to a realtor and never looked back. Every time we see Kim she is running from one house showing to another house closing with a wardrobe change at SoSis in between. 

 Geri Lynn has had a different career path. After graduating with an engineering degree, she went straight into running a successful car dealership in Houma. Today, she is the owner and dealer principle of Geri Lynn Nissan

Geri Lynn lives in a world dominated by males - auto dealership. But she has found extreme success being a female owner. Just this year, her dealership was awarded the 2017 Nissan Award of Excellence. What a hard working, determined woman. 

Back to Their Roots

Learning about these two women and how they grew up in Plaquemine, Louisiana gave us a little foresight into why they are as hard working as they are today. Instead of watching cartoons on Saturday morning, they had a list of household chores they had to tackle. They seemed to learn at an early age - if you want something, you're going to have to work for it. 

That is exactly what Kim and Geri Lynn do every day. They outwork men and women in their fields and have truly risen to the top. We are proud to know them and have learned a lot from their actions that we can apply to our business. 


A commitment to shopping local 

 Kim and Geri Lynn are committed to seeing local small businesses thrive. Kim can often be found grabbing a coffee at CC's Coffee House after picking up a gift from Bella Grace

They know that by shopping local, everyone in our community benefits. We are forever grateful for their business and support. 

Thank You Kim and Geri Lynn! 

Thank you both for taking time away from your busy schedules to share your story with us sistas. We are so grateful and loved every minute getting to know both of you a little better. 


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