A Joyful Celebration

You know those days when you look back and think - man that was good for the soul. 

This past weekend was one of those days.

For the first time in a long time, Annie Claire and I's cousins from Houston and Phoenix joined us in Baton Rouge for a family wedding. The inevitable "what are you going to wear" question came up as everyone was making their travel plans. Well, Annie Claire and I didn't hesitate to suggest - SoSis of course!

It worked out pretty well when all of our sweet cousins picked out their dresses from SoSis for the wedding. 

Here's what everyone wore. 

Shop this look from SoSis: 
Shelby Black Lace Dress: $52 | She Wore Blue Velvet Heels: $58 

Shop this look from SoSis:
Katy Floral Romper: $64

Shop this look from SoSis: 
Bernadette Black Lace Dress: $58 

Shop this look from SoSis: 

Nolan Duster: $64 | Serena Blush Pink Velvet Heels by Bamboo: $21 | Necklaces by Annie Claire Designs 


Shop this look from SoSis: 
Piper Pleated Mini Skirt: $52 | Alayna Bodysuit (similar): $48 | Jewelry by Annie Claire Designs 


Hair and makeup by Shelly Claire Jeansonne, The Parlor of Marksville

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