by Chelsey Blankenship January 26, 2016

012616-MGT-1 012616-MGT-2 012616-MGT-3 012616-MGT-4 012616-MGT-5 012616-MGT-6 012616-MGT-7 012616-MGT-8 012616-MGT-9 012616-MGT-10 012616-MGT-11 012616-MGT-12 012616-MGT-13   You know you're a lucky gal when you have cousins willing to hop in front of the camera at any given moment. When Annie Claire and I were little - I'm talking Limited Too training bra little - we used to have sleepovers at my aunt's house. During these annual events, we'd stay up late, play dress up and put on a show (many of which are captured on tape....yes tape). Those were some of the most fun nights of my childhood. Well for the first time in years, we decided it was way past due to bring back the sleepover. So, a few Fridays ago, Annie Claire and I drove to Alexandria to join the cousins at my aunt's house for margaritas and fajitas. While there, we somehow convinced these two beautiful cousins of ours to get in front of the camera to show off our new Mardi Gras tees. And bonus - our uncle let us borrow this awesome red truck to add even more sass to this shoot - how fun is it? Thank you Lily and Camille for rocking these tees so well. Little did we know that only a day later, our sweet Paw Paw would pass away (you can catch up on our thoughts on that here). We are thankful for this little get together with our cousins where we reminisced about times spent with our grandparents and family growing up. We are two lucky sistas.  

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Chelsey Blankenship
Chelsey Blankenship


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