Thoughtfully Crafted: Behind the Scenes of Our Latest Lookbook

So much time and thought goes into each piece of Annie Claire Designs jewelry made exclusive to SoSis. When one necklace is finished, it sparks an idea for another and has a snowball effect when coming up with ideas for designs.

The Blast from the Past Choker was inspired by a custom piece made for my cousin, Shelby, which then turned into four other choker style necklaces! When you have a designer's brain, you tend to get caught up in whatever it is you are creating.  It almost becomes an obsessive feeling of excitement to keep on going.  Sometimes I have to make myself stop and say, "ok, that's enough for today." This is the reason you only see one or two of each item on Here's a little secret for anyone reading this - I can most likely make another of anything you see!  Just email me ( requesting which piece you would like and I'll make it happen.

The Rendezvous collection has a bit of a boho feel to it with the longhorns, tusks and beautifully strung beads. Below are a few "behind the scenes" pictures of my work room (don't mind my appearance or the messiness).  Things get a little chaotic when I'm working on stuff.

I hope you like this new collection as much as I loved hand making it for you!

View the full lookbook here.

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