Meet Our Girl: Darby Jarratt

What a sweet, animal loving, tall and beautiful bombshell Darby Jarratt is.  She isn't afraid to travel to new places, meet new faces and (insert rhyme here)  --> see what I did there?  ;) When she's not working multiple jobs, getting her school on or spending time with the fam, she's modeling for SoSis - thanks, Darby, you're our girl, girl! We always have a great time working with Darby and are so thankful to have her on our team! So sistas, meet Darby Jarratt.  Darby, meet our sistas!

(Photos by Lacey Rabalais)

View the entire lookbook, “Fireside Celebration,” here.

Q:   Where are you from?
DJ: Baton Rouge
Q:  What are you studying in school?
DJ:  Animal Sciences
Q:  What's your favorite holiday tradition?
DJ:  I love watching Christmas movies and on Christmas morning, my mom makes a delicious egg casserole! I look forward to it every year.
Q:  What's one thing you're most excited for in 2016?
DJ:  New opportunities! I’m really hoping to travel somewhere exotic!
Q:  Your favorite song of 2015?
DJ:  Honestly… Selena Gomez has some really great songs… I really like "Hands To Myself."
Q:  What is one new year's resolution you hope to stick to?
DJ:  Eating healthy things all the time!
Q:  What's your favorite look from the lookbook, Fireside Celebration?
DJ:  The Not Your Ordinary Ombre Fur Vest! It’s so fuzzy!

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