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Pictured above are Aubree and Gracie wearing clothes provided by Belles and Beaus NOLA

When Chel and I started this series, we wanted to feature sisters that inspire us. Through their stories, we've learned how to be better business women, better daughters, better leaders and better sisters. You know we couldn't write a series of blog posts about sisters and NOT feature the two girls that changed everything for me. Aubree and Gracie inspire me every day. It is through their innocent joy for life that I am reminded that no matter how many things didn't get checked off my to-do list, I come home to Gracie Boo and Aubree, and it's all ok. These two drive me to work harder so I can be a role model - someone they respect and are proud of.

There are two sisters in New Orleans that feel the same way. Lauren Michel and Monique Roth are sisters who own Belles and Beaus NOLA, an online children's boutique featuring classic and trendy items for every little belle and beau. The more Chel and I learned about these two moms and sisters, the more alike we realized we were.  Lauren loves fashion so much that she studied it in college. Monique studied communication. One common interest is their love for their daughters and because of them, they think more about children's clothing than their own (I can relate).

In celebration of SoSis’ first birthday, we’ve teamed up with powerful sisters around us to learn from them and get inspired as Chelsey and I go into year #2 with even more excitement than year #1. If you’ve missed our first, second or third post in this series, please check them out. Next up on our list of influential women and sisters – Monique Roth (on left) and Lauren Michel.



Fueled by the love of dressing their own daughters, sisters Lauren and Monique opened their online boutique, Belles and Beaus NOLA, at the very end of July 2015. Lauren has a 3-year-old daughter named Adeline. Monique has a 2-year-old daughter named Olivia and a 7-month-old daughter named Charlie.


"Opening up Belles and Beaus Nola has literally been a dream come true,” Lauren said. “I love fashion, and dressing Adeline up is one of my favorite parts of the day.” Monique agreed, adding she normally thinks about what her kids will wear more than what she will wear. “Everyone pays more attention to them anyway,” she added laughing.


Opening up the online store has had its challenges for the sisters, but they said the hard work has been rewarding, especially as the orders continue to roll in. “One day I hope to be able to quit my job and focus solely on growing our store, and hopefully opening up a brick and mortar location in the future,” Lauren said. For now, the sisters operate their store out of their parent’s home. “As soon as we said we were serious about opening a store, my mom cleared out a closet and started applying for all of the business licenses,” Monique said. “We couldn’t do this without them.”


Even though they only have girls, Lauren and Monique felt it was important to not exclude little beaus in their fashion enterprise. “We wanted to be able to offer every momma something,” Lauren said.


Lauren and Monique recently visited market for the first time to place a large spring smocked order. They said they hope to offer moms a unique shop with dress up, dress down and game day apparel options. “At the end of the day we hope our store makes it a little easier to dress cute little belles and beaus everywhere,” Monique said.


Thank you for taking time away from your little belles and work to-do lists to share your story with us sistas and making my girls look so stylish!


WHAT THEY’RE WEARING *Although we know if they could, they would have selected these adorable outfits themselves.

Aubree Lynn Bass (on left): Cape Shirt: $14.50 // Floral Leggings: $12.50 // Hair Clip from the Aubree Collection by Annie Claire Designs // Layer Up Necklace (made for adults, loved by little ones): $24 // Shoes by Joyfolie

Gracie Ann Bass (on right): Essential White Shirt: $17.50 // Leather Skirt Leggings: $34.50 // Headband from the Nellie Collection by Annie Claire Designs // Necklace by ETCH (made for ladies, loved by Gracie) //Shoes by Joyfolie

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