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Jordan Prejean, Jillian P. Courville and Jade Prejean are three sisters who, unbeknownst to them, made their career choice at the age of two. Let's just say they danced their way into it. Their story makes us want to give them a standing ovation. The Prejean sisters' parents co-own and operate Machita Dance Studio located in Brusly, Louisiana.

To continue celebrating SoSis’ first birthday, we’ve teamed up with powerful sisters around us to learn from them and get inspired as Chelsey and I go into year #2 with even better dancing shoes than year #1. If you've missed our first and second post in this series, please check them out.

Next up on our list of influential women and sisters – Jordan, Jillian and Jade. Beware, you may just want to join this inspiring triple threat and call yourself a Prejean (Pray-Jon) – we sure did.


They don't think it. They simply can. This sister trio work together managing and teaching at Machita Dance Studio - the same studio they and their mother took classes as young girls. Through working together, they've learned each other's strengths. Jordan focuses on teaching the older age groups and choreographs most competition routines. Jillian, an elementary school teacher and dance teacher, puts all of her studio time in with the "babies."   Jade does a little bit of everything teaching both older groups and younger "babies,"one of those being my oldest daughter, Aubree.


After talking with Jordan, Jillian and Jade, it was clear - their similarities are obvious. Their mutual passion for dancing is something so unique and truly inspiring. Growing up, they shared other similar interests too. They played softball, volleyball and basketball; they shared similar friends; they worked together when it came to getting what they wanted from their parents. These sisters share a love for each other that is so uplifting and pretty remarkable.


Jordan, the oldest of the three, followed her heart across the country to California where she pursued her love of dance and trained her heart out at some of the biggest studios.  This experience made her an even better teacher and business woman. She added pilates to the studio and manages this among all of her other dance classes. She's even the choreographer for the Brusly High School dance team.  To say she has a lot on her plate is an understatement, but she wouldn't have it any other way! Her ability to juggle multiple obligations seems effortless.

Jillian currently teaches Pre-K at St. James Episcopal Day School, but didn't always know she wanted to be a teacher. It wasn't until she assisted Mrs. Machita as a freshman in college that she found herself wanting to teach kids more than dancing. So, she changed her major to education where today she inspires young children in the classroom and in the dance studio!  Her passion for enhancing the minds of youth is not to be reckoned with.  No wonder all the little ones just LOVE Mrs. Jillian.

Jade dabbles in some modeling and a little acting when she's not teaching dance.  She is currently signed as a lifestyle model with Click Models in Atlanta, Georgia.  Her portfolio is beyond impressive and her natural beauty is stunning!  She was also an LSU Tiger Girl, the most bad a** dance team in college! But Jade isn't only beautiful on the outside.  She is kind, generous and so great with kids. Although these three power sisters took very different paths, they all seemed to make their way back "home" by following their heart and investing their time in Machita Dance Studio.


Thank you for taking time away from your busy lives to share your story with us sistas. We are so grateful and loved every minute getting to know all three of you even better.  


*Jordan Prejean, Jillian and Jade Prejean selected their SoSis style themselves.

Jade Prejean (on left): Magical Magenta Dress: $30 (on sale) // Birds of a Feather Necklace: $36 // Fearless Stackable Bracelets: $16

Jordan Prejean (center): Night Owl Jumpsuit: $46 (on sale) // Blake Burgundy Felt Safari Hat: $32 // Chained Up Bracelet (gold chain): $24 

Jillian Prejean (on right): Paris Blues Dress: $62 // Chained Up Bracelet (purple): $24

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