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To Catherine M. Hollander and Christina Mahtook, kindness is something that should be shared and it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure that happens. Lucky for us, these twin sisters are on a mission To Always Spread Kindness and encourage and motivate others to do the same. To help celebrate SoSis' first birthday, we've teamed up with powerful sisters around us to learn from them and get inspired as Annie Claire and I go into year #2 with even more energy and determination than year #1. First on our list of influential women and sisters - Catherine and Christina. Watch yourself, you may just fall in love with their contagious laugh and infectious personality - we sure did. HOW THEY GOT STARTED Catherine and Christina didn't let anything stop them from starting a business based on their passion for focusing on what they call "the big 3 in life:" fitness, nutrition and inspiration. The result? Twinatics - a healthy lifestyle blog on a mission to inspire change. They started this business at the age of 19 as sophomores in college. Yep - let that sink in. One major component of Twinatics is T.A.S.K. - To Always Spread Kindness - and these ladies practice what they preach. While in college, they kept a jar of random acts of kindness. Each day, they would pick one to do. Christina says, "It brought us so much happiness and fulfillment to do something for someone else without them knowing it." This fun college activity turned into a movement - something Twinatics shares with its followers every day. THEIR PASSION FOR LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Twinatics was formed after the twins' mother battled (and defeated) breast cancer. Catherine says they wanted to do something to ensure their mom was living the healthiest lifestyle possible to help prevent her cancer from ever coming back. Twinatics is truly a source of inspiration, encouragement, lifestyle tips and healthy eating advice. Check out their blog or follow them on social media to add a dose of happiness to your everyday routine. TWIN SISTERS AND BUSINESS PARTNERS  These girls have it figured out. They love each other and that love beams off of them. Starting a business together hasn't changed that. It's true, they have their differences, but overall, at the end of the day, they are sisters and that's the most important thing. This was inspiring to me. So often this year, I forgot to be a good sister in my attempt to be a good business partner. Literally, Annie Claire and I have had to say to ourselves, "let's not talk SoSis tonight, ok?" It's a real struggle, especially with a business this young. But Catherine and Christina seem to have that under wraps and that motivated me to be better, try harder and spread kindness. THANK YOU CATHERINE & CHRISTINA  Thank you both for taking time away from your busy lives to share your story with us sistas. We are so grateful and loved every minute getting to know both of you. SoSis gals, be sure to check out their blog, Twinatics, and get inspired to live a healthier lifestyle - physically and spiritually.  

WHAT THEY'RE WEARING *Catherine M. Hollander and Christina Mahtook selected their SoSis style themselves.

Catherine M. Hollander (on left): Flowing Florals Dress: $34 (on sale) // Necklace by Annie Claire Designs: SOLD OUT - similar here

Christina Mahtook (on right): Magical Magenta Jersey Dress: $36 // Hex Stone Necklace by Annie Claire Designs: $32  // Stevie Teardrop Earrings by Annie Claire Designs: $24


  • Mal

    What a wonderful piece about lovely sisters. I think you guys uplifting other hard-working women is so admirable, and it makes me damn proud.

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  • Chelsey Blankenship

    Mal, thanks so much for the sweet comment! We’re so glad you like this feature. More where this came from! :)

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