Meet our girl, Caroline Smith

She will stun you with her beautiful blue eyes and long dark hair.  This brunette bombshell was so much fun to work with when shooting our new summer lookbook.  Not only is she gorgeous on the outside (I mean look at these pictures, y'all), she is smart, creative, outgoing and very talented. Thanks for spending your Saturday, with us, Caroline. You're our girl. So, sistas, meet Caroline Smith. Caroline, meet our sistas! (Photos by Lacey Rabalais) View the entire "Daydream Believin'' Lookbook here. 71015-Meet-Caroline-671015-Meet-Caroline-171015-Meet-Caroline-571015-Meet-Caroline-871015-Meet-Caroline-471015-Meet-Caroline-2Q:  What's your major?  CS:  I'm majoring in Studio Art with a minor in Human Resource Education at Louisiana State University. Q:  Where are you from? CS:  Baton Rouge... I'm a local! Q:  What did you want to be when you were little?  CS:  When I was little, I was really interested in being either a veterinarian or clothes designer. As I grew up I became much more interested in design itself. Q:  If you could go back to 16-year-old you and give yourself some advice, what would it be? CS:  I'd remind myself to not be afraid of being myself.  Not everyone will like you. It's important to not worry about those people and just spend your time around people who see your worth.  Being different brings happiness. Q:  What's your favorite quote? CS:  "Do what you can with what you have where you are," -Theodore Roosevelt Q:  Name one thing you can't live without. CS:  Absolutely could not live without my computer! I mostly use it for school and work, but I have all of my pictures and music on it (which are two other things I really couldn't live without). Q:  What is your favorite look from the most recent lookbook? CS:  The On Point Dress is one of my favorites.  With the humid summers we have in Louisiana, it's so easy to slip on this dress and be ready to go. What I really love about it, is how versatile it is - perfect paired with flats for an afternoon of shopping or heels and lots of jewelry for dinner and a trip downtown.  71015-Meet-Caroline-7

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