Meet the Model: Bria Davis

Feeling cheerful for Bria Davis comes naturally. After all, she does cheer on our dear LSU tigers on Saturday nights in Death Valley. Bria has a contagious laugh and sincerely sweet personality. This Texas tiger stays busy as a student athlete, so we were excited to see her make time for us as a model in our summer lookbook. So sistas, meet Bria Davis. Bria, meet our sistas! (Photos by DCW Imagery) View our full summer lookbook, There's Magic at the Market, here 6315-MMBria2 6315-MMBria16315-MMBria66315-MMBria3 6315-MMBria5   Q: What did you want to be when you were little? BD: A princess! Does being one for Halloween for three years in a row count? Q: If you could go back to 10-year old you and give yourself some advice, what would it be? BD: Work hard to accomplish the little things. Those little things will help you accomplish your bigger goals. Nothing is impossible or unrealistic. Q: How old were you when you started modeling? BD:  Just a few months - I started young! Q: Who or what are your biggest inspirations? BD: My immediate family all plays a big role in my life and they are my biggest support system. I would not be able to do half of the things I do now without them! Q: What is your favorite outfit in the new summer lookbook? BD: My favorite outfit from the SoSis summer lookbook would have to be Barely Grey Everyday Tank with the Into the Mountain Gauze Vest and White Distressed Just USA Skinny Jeans. I love this bright look and think it's so fresh for summer!

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