Meet the Model: Darby Jarratt

When we first met Darby Jarratt, we just fell in love with her super sweet personality and beautiful look.  A student at Louisiana State University, this SoSis model has a lot going for her and we think she's on her way to becoming a #GirlBoss one day. So sistas, meet Darby Jarratt.  Darby, meet our sistas! (Photos by DCW Imagery 52915-MMDarby1 52915-MMDarby2 52915-MMDarby3 52915-MMDarby4 52915-MMDarby5 52915-MMDarby6   SS: What did you want to be when you were little? DJ: When I was little, I wanted to be a Veterinarian and I still do! Hopefully I am still on the right track to achieve that dream!  SS: If you could go back to 10-year-old you and give yourself some advice, what would it be? DJ: I would tell myself NOT to listen to anyone’s opinions of me. Do what you love no matter how “different” it may be and absolutely love the skin you’re in.  SS: How old were you when you started modeling? DJ: I started modeling my freshman year of college and it has been so fun! The opportunities it has given me has been overwhelming. SS: Who or what are your biggest inspirations? DJ: My mom is my biggest inspiration. She perseveres and is so positive about everything. I call her for advice often. She is who I dream to be one day.  SS: Favorite picks of our new summer lookbook? DJ: My favorite look featured the Faded Bliss Distressed Boyfriend Jeans and Keep Swingin' Blouse in black! I love how casually cute it is and it’s such an easy look to dress up or down. It really is a staple for any closet.  View more styles that Darby featured in our summer lookbook - There's Magic at the Market.

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