Valentine's Day Date Night | What to Wear, Where to Go

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Dress: SoSis, Maroon Shift Dress Necklace: Annie Claire Designs for SoSis, Hold On Handbag: SoSis, Trisha Wristlet in cognac Shoes: Chelsea Crew

Valentine's Day is a day I'm usually wearing a T-shirt and jeans working behind the counter at my mom and dad's flower shop in my hometown - Germean's Flowers and Gifts. To think I'd actually make it out of there in time to go on a date is a bit far fetched, however, it has happened on occasion. For many, I know Valentine's Day is a great excuse to get pretty flowers, eat lots of chocolate, dress up and go out for dinner and drinks. In this post, I'm featuring one dress that simply screams Valentine's Day to me - our Maroon Shift Dress. This dress is classic and elegant. The details on the sleeves will surprise you and truly make this dress a perfectly elegant piece. The dress is fully lined and runs a bit small. Pictured, I am wearing a size small. I would wear this dress to just about any dinner date, but think it's perfect for Valentine's Day. I do have a few - aka a lot - favorite dinner spots in/around Baton Rouge, LA that I'd like to share with you. When thinking about where to go this year, here are my top 5:
  1. Ruffino's Italian Restaurant (always will be one of my favorites)
  2. The Little Village (the bread though...)
  3. DiGiulio Brother's Italian Cafe' (sensing an Italian theme here?)
  4. Roberto's River Road Restaurant (can't get enough of the atmosphere)
  5. Bistro Byronz (for their king cake bread pudding alone)
What's your favorite date night spot? Share with me in the comments below!

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