7 Things To Do Before I Say "I Do."

March 8th will mark one year since Robert asked me to marry him (eeeek). It'll also be the day when I officially enter my "late" twenties and turn 27. When I think about this year, I think about the countless laughs, moments that still make be giddy, scary leaps, and just attempting to take in this crazy, beautiful life. In the midst of the wedding planning (and new business launching), I've been thinking about how incredibly special this time in my life is and how lucky I am to share it with so many loving people. As much as I want to soak it all in and not rush anything, life sometimes gets in the way. These past few months, I've realized what I think I already knew - I can't be everywhere and I can't do it all. Just ask my sister - the girl who face timed (is that a verb?) me in the fabric store while picking out the perfect lace to finish off my mom's dress (the dress I'll be wearing). Or my mom who spent an afternoon texting me pictures of church arrangement vases from the flower store until we found the perfect one. I'm not going to say I LIKE the fact that I have to miss out. It's really hard. So, to make things a bit more bearable and make sure I'm not missing out on the little things that really matter to me, I've comprised a list of seven things I am going to accomplish before I say "I do" on April 11th (well, maybe April 10th - depending on how much I procrastinate).
  1. Practice dancing with my dad in socks. It's no secret, my dad can boogie. He's known for his alligator dance moves when any band plays "The Shout." But, this dance is different and dad wants to practice. So, before the big reveal, dad and I have to coordinate our superior dance moves in preparation of our father/daughter dance. It just may surprise a few people.11915-IDo1
  2. Get a massage with my MOH. We both need it and if now isn't a good excuse, I don't know when will be. Annie Claire, mark your calendar.
  3. Visit The Little Village on March 8th for dinner and reminiscing. I just want to be nostalgic and visit the restaurant where my family and friends surprised me after Robert asked the big question last year. Call me corny, it's ok.11915-IDo2
  4. Stay up late with my bridesmaids. It's bound to happen. This time, in Austin.
  5. Write a love letter. Like a real life, hand written, long, love letter to Robert.
  6. Help my mom and grandmother make flower arrangements for the big day. That's pretty special right there. How many people can say that their mom made their bouquet? How many people can say that their grandmother made some arrangements? I know my grandmother's hands may not be able to make many, but gosh darn it, I'm going to help her make at least one!11915-IDo3
  7. Let it go and experience it all. Que Aubree and Gracie (my two amazing, talented, adorably smart nieces) who may break out into song. "Let it Go," anyone?
This blog post is my way of holding myself accountable. I'll keep you posted on my progress through posts on Instagram, so stay tuned (and call me out if I miss something). I hope this list inspires and helps you find joy in the little moments - those that mean the most.


  • Karen

    Very sweet!! We are very excited for you both!

  • Ava

    AWE…..LOVE YOU CHEL!!!!! Can’t wait for the BIG day!!!!!

  • Mom

    Straight from the heart Chel!! Beautiful and soo sincere, just like you!!

  • Lauren

    Chel this is great! I can’t believe I am just now seeing this! YOUR (and Robs I guess) Big day will be as amazing and incredible as you are! I do think there should be 8 things to do instead of 7. 8 Being a “Sister” (in-law) day. You have been a “Blankenship” for some time now, but to make you officially my sister is a DREAM COME TRUE! (that why I have to put sister in law in parenthesis, you are my sister more than a sister in law). Just stay calm and collected and take lots of naps and April 11th will be here before you know it. I know I cant wait! I love you <3 -LB

  • Heather

    Beautiful as are you and your entire family wish you all the best and feeling extremely blessed to be a helping hand on your big day!!!

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