New Year, New Reasons to Make it Happen

One of my Christmas gifts from Brad is something I just have to share.  He had one of his baseball players paint a commemorative painting of what, from his perspective, represents who SoSis is today. And here's how it came out. painting I tell ya, that guy can be sweet. When Chel and I were thinking about the name, SoSis just stuck. It came natural and one big reason it did was because of my very own set of Southern sisters, my daughters Aubree and Gracie. This painting is such a perfect representation of how we started. This is SoSis 2014. Brad just doesn't know how much it truly means to me that he went out of his way to get this done for me. Why am I so lucky? Speaking of gifts, Chel gave me this book by Lara Casey called "Make it Happen" along with a binder full of powersheets that motivate you to set realistic goals, focus on what matters and do your best.  I mean, how sweet is my sister?  She always has the best gift ideas.  I haven't started reading it yet, but I'm pretty excited (I'll have to make the time for this one). 1914-MIH-1 In a world that doesn't stop, sometimes I have to focus on what's important and just make it happen.  Focus on progress, not perfection. Hopefully this will bring some inspiration to you on this Friday and beyond to get things done. "You know all those things you've always wanted to do?  You should go do them." -- Lara Casey.

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