Pop Goes the Cake Balls (pop-up shop in photos)

Last night was a whirlwind. Annie Claire and I feel like we did everything we could to make this a success. We met with Gabby at Brew Ha Ha to talk through the set-up for the night and order custom cake balls made just for us. We invited local fashion bloggers so they could see our products in person and get to know our story. We worked with Andi Eaton, author of New Orleans Style, to make sure she had everything she needed for an awesome book signing. We created posts, gifts and a Facebook event to be sure everyone knew what was happening. It feels like everything we've done for the past few weeks has been in preparation for this pop-up shop. But it was worth it. We arrived at Brew Ha Ha early with our very professional set-up crew, some under the age of two. We discovered quickly how many cake balls Gracie girl would eat if she had it her way. We broke in many new tools that we received as Christmas gifts like our new clothing bags, fancy hangers and Felecia, the name we settled on for our sassy mannequin. Seeing so many friends and family come out to support us was heart-warming. My mom even made the two-hour drive just to keep us company and cheer us on (she's the absolute best). Meeting so many NEW people was fun too. Getting to know Andi and learn about her book and the immense amount of work she puts into Southern Design Week was inspiring. Meeting the many bloggers that made the trip and seeing their passion for the fashion industry was really the greatest. Overall, we think last night was our best pop-up shop in SoSis' very short life so far. We're excited to keep them going in 2015. Until then, take a look at some of the photos taken last night.   121814-PopUp5     121814-PopUp3     121814-PopUp8     121814-PopUp6     121814-PopUp2     121814-PopUp1     121814-PopUp4     [caption id="attachment_2458" align="aligncenter" width="650"]121814-PopUp9 Bye Felecia[/caption]  

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