Cyber Monday Ends - Holiday Season Begins!

As the 400th email came in around 11:45 p.m. last night, you may have found yourself more thankful than you were after your second serving of pie on Thanksgiving. It's true, Cyber Monday has been descending upon us and making our inboxes ding every minute this weekend. Now that most of  it is over, we can all rest a little easier. SoSis is guilty of participating in the hype of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As our first holiday season in retail, we couldn't help but see what all of the fuss is about. And as a personal sucker for all things Christmas and all things discounted, I appreciated the effort some of my favorite brands made to stand out from the crowd. I'm happy to report that our first Cyber Monday was a great success! This blog is our thank you to you, our ever so faithful SoSis family, for supporting our small business this weekend by choosing to not delete our email and make a purchase from SoSis. Thanks for understanding that every subtle reminder we make is our way of trying to stand out in this crazy busy, over saturated world we live in. Thanks for sharing our messages with your friends and family so that they too may be introduced to our new brand. I ask that you continue this thoughtfulness throughout the holiday season and support other small businesses with your holiday purchases. It is small businesses that give back to our community most and help shape the neighborhoods we live in. Here is a list of my favorite small businesses I find myself going back to often:
  • Varsity Sports for all things running and local.
  • Hey Penelope for fun T-shirts with a Louisiana flare.
  • Musee for bath balls made locally (in Mississippi) and named perfectly for every person on your list.
  • Pink Pelican Art for local art, crafts and an atmosphere that embodies what it means to live local.
  • The Elizabeth Chronicles for NOLA-inspired, fun cut, statement T-shirts.
  • Uncorked Glass for odd, unique, personalized barware, made in Georgia, great for entertaining.
  • Red Stick Spice Company for gift baskets perfect for the cook in your life.
And the list wouldn't be complete without a few of my personal, a bit biased, favorites: [caption id="attachment_2142" align="alignleft" width="780"]Why_Shop_Small_Infographic Infographic via American Express, Small Business Saturday. [/caption]  

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  • mom

    Well put Chel, and so so true!!

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