Almost Go time!

by 3 October 08, 2014

Well, we are ONE day away from launching this thing and I sure hope everyone loves the merchandise as much as I do!  Chel and I joke because we all know how much I LOVE to shop and I honestly want every single thing we have.  I know I have to restrain myself, but seriously y'all, there are some super cute pieces in store! One thing I love about my role with SoSis is the styling part of it (I"m hoping to impress y'all with my mad skills used to style our fall lookbook).  I love envisioning outfits and helping people complete their look.  When I was at MAGIC market, I could just picture what would go with what.  If I saw a super trendy blouse, I had to make sure we had a bottom that could go with it.  Or if it were a dress, I was thinking of accessories or outerwear to layer with it. So if you have any questions about anything or need some guidance when shopping, please do not hesitate to email me.  I would love to assist you in making smart buying decisions (wink wink)... or just help you justify your purchases and make you feel beautiful about all of the amazing pieces you'll be receiving at your doorstep. We're just counting down the hours....



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January 28, 2016

Ready to shop!! Can’t wait to see everything yall have!!

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