Separate & Beautiful: Matching Sepatates

Matching separates. They're all the craze. We are sure loving it right now! Being too "matchy matchy” is so 1995 (think long mom shorts and vests). Today, the "matchier," the better! Bold, patterned prints are in and here to stay this season. The good thing about buying separates is that you can wear them separately (que the music).  Wear the top with a pencil skirt and blazer for work attire or with high-waisted jeans or shorts for a casual, going out look. Wear the bottom with a plain white T-shirt for a comfy, casual feel. Wear them together and make a statement. With so many beautiful prints and versatility, you must buy both pieces for a WIN WIN!  We love how these three sister bloggers, The Perennials, styled their matching separate outfits over the summer. (How cute are they, btw?  From sisters to sisters, LYLAS!) We are excited that the trend will continue into the fall and SoSis is on it. Tell us friends, what is your opinion on matching separates? Leave us a comment below!

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