Preparing Our First Lookbook

Fall is finally here and even though it still often feels a lot like summer in South Louisiana, I'm pretty excited about the thought of cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything and the official launch of SoSis! Annie and I haven't been doing much more than preparing for this launch. From excitedly receiving packages daily to meeting on shipping logistics and packaging supplies, we're trying to cover it all before our very (VERY) near launch. One important task on our seemingly infinite to-do list was planning our first lookbook - or digital magazine. We wanted to lead with something that hit close to home - something that served as an "introduction" of sorts to SoSis. Something that feels like Louisiana while featuring trendsetting, bold fashion. Here are a few steps we took. First: finding the perfect models.  This part was easy for us. Living very close to a college campus, we were able to scoop up the beautifully tall and perfectly unique dancer, Katelynn Walker. We also convinced the gorgeously green-eyed, wonderfully well-spoken actress, Mallory Bacon, to come out for the shoot. But we didn't choose these ladies for their obvious beauty. No, we want SoSis to be much more than that. We chose them because of their aspirations for life and their delicate balance of school, fun and preparing for their future. You see, this is what we want SoSis to do - help women achieve their goals, fashionably. We think you'll see very soon that our models portray this. Next: Selecting our photographer.  It's no secret (if you've seen any of our recent hashtags on SoSis' social media accounts), we have the sweetest friends. One of those very important people in our life is Dana C. White, owner of DCW Imagery. Dana is one of those people who goes above and beyond the call of duty to give to her friends. Annie and I are lucky to be two of them. When asking Dana if she'd help us out, she never hesitated. Women helping women succeed is what is driving SoSis and Dana is one of those women on our dream team. Finally: Choosing a location. We wanted our lookbook to be set outdoors amongst the stately oaks and beautiful greens that are so abundant in this place we call home. We wanted our fall fashion pieces to be the highlight of all photos and we think we achieved this with the (secret) location we chose. I hope you'll agree once you're able to browse our fall fashion soon. Overall, we think our first lookbook commemorates our roots while setting a foundation for what's to come at SoSis. We're just so excited to share.

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