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If you've read any of my previous blog posts, it's probably obvious that starting a boutique has been a dream of mine for a long, long time. So, I won't bore you with that again. One surprising thing Chel and I experienced as we started down this path was negativity or disbelief in our concept. I mean really, who would EVER say we CAN'T do this? Who would even dare? We were just in our happy bubble thinking nothing could get in our way. But of course, as with anything that's worth working hard for, things did and still are. The negativity we received when just starting out may surprise you.  When talking to others about our idea, many didn't believe it would be successful. We had questions about how we would fund it and we were reminded over and over again how much of a risk we're taking. Some asked how will you set yourself apart?  Once, someone even told us that we would be working 18 hour days. Bottom line is, this is a HUGE risk we are taking and I can't deny that I'm a bit scared about it. Throughout it all, I've tried to learn from these challenges and every time I am doubtful, someone is there to tell me it's all going to be ok. My husband, Brad, has been a constant supporter.  I'm not going to get all cliche' on y'all and say "I have the best husband ever" or pretend my marriage is perfect.  But if there is someone who truly knows how important this has always been to me, it's him. You see, Brad is a coach of dreamers. Everyday, he helps young boys realize their potential and pushes them to achieve more, do more, be more. He truly, with every part of him, believes that people should never give up on their dreams and push themselves to be what you want to be. Just a few days ago on a particularly overwhelming day, he sent me this saying "Made me think of you" IMG_2822 After reading it, it had me thinking about all of the people who told Chel and I we couldn't or shouldn't take go on this adventure. I want to prove them wrong....and I will. I may not have all the facts, but my big dreams will help me get there.

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