Introducing the SoSis Logo!

Nike, Apple, McDonald's and many more powerful brands have something in common - a mark that is so distinct people can look at and immediately think of the brand it belongs to. When you see that swoosh, you want to get up and "just do it." When you see that piece of fruit, you want to think differently. When you pass by the golden arches, you suddenly have a craving for a hot-n-spicy (or is that just me?). It takes years, even decades, to create an iconic brand like these. Everyone tries to do it, not many succeed. Well friends, I have some exciting news to announce. No, we're not going to sell Nikes on We would like to introduce you to our official SoSis logo!
  This beauty was designed by Katie Swetman, art director at FUSE and owner of The Curious Design. She describes the font as having "a thread-like quality that feels handmade and gives the feeling of something special." Let me just say how HAPPY Annie and I are about this new approach. At first, I tried to design the logo myself. Here are a few we worked through...
  After many, MANY rounds of logo designs (I mean like 50), we're happy to have come to a final decision. Let's just say that our official logo is beautiful and I'm looking forward to putting it everywhere. Monogrammed gifts are always welcome, friends. :)

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