Labor Day On: Welcome to SoSis!

According to, Labor Day is an annual celebration of workers and their achievements. For most retailers, it's also a time of sales, promotions and specials where people are encouraged to spend this day off shopping and getting great deals. It's not coincidental that we're "letting the cat out of the bag" this Labor Day and officially telling all of our friends what we've been working on for the past few months. SoSis is a soon-to-be online boutique that will carry trendy clothes and accessories at the most affordable prices.
Our Mission: To provide fashion-forward minds an online destination for breaking trends, signature styles and creative ideas that feed the soul and compel you to achieve your goals - all with unmatched service and affordable prices.
Annie and I are committed to bringing this idea to life and it is our goal to launch our full site this October. For now, we want you to follow our progress on: 
Also, our blog  is already full of posts to catch you up on our journey. You can read about Annie's trip to market in Vegas or our garage sale held to raise money for SoSis. Keep reading because there is so much more to come and our blog is the place to hear about it first. Sign up for emails and be the first to know when we are officially LIVE. Thanks to our first handful of supporters who found out our secret before we really even tried to spread the word.  It's people like you that give us the confidence to keep moving forward.

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