MAGIC: Day Three

Ok, so today was a much better day.  I felt a lot more comfortable with how things go around here. With a good night's sleep the night before, I was ready to take on the beast they call MAGIC. I went back to some of the vendors I visited yesterday with a fresh set of eyes and finalized orders.  I can't even handle the excitement I have for all of the awesome finds for y'all. market2 I even got my "learn" on about other E-commerce companies, one in particular that we may partner with to offer an even greater online experience. As I say goodbye to Vegas and my sweet friend Mary who let me stay with her for free, I feel accomplished - like I came here to do my job and did just that.  I found the highest quality, trendy clothing at affordable prices for YOU!  Overall, I'm satisfied with how everything went and am so excited to start seeing the boxes come in. [caption id="attachment_742" align="alignnone" width="1024"]peace out vegas Until next time, peace out Vegas![/caption]

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