MAGIC: Taking a Deep Breath on Day Two

Overwhelmed is an understatement for this worn out chick right here.  I was prepared - even wore comfy shoes and clothes - but the amount there is to see at MAGIC is indescribable.

I feel like the Las Vegas Convention Center is miles long with nothing but enthusiastic fashionistas looking to connect. Today was an amazingly exhausting day that will forever live in the SoSis history book (ahem, blog).

All in all, I’m pretty pumped about a few brand new lines that I got my hands on...literally. Being here to source for QUALITY is invaluable - only the best for you, sisters. Hopefully you will love what’s to come to SoSis as much as I do - I think the shopaholic inside of me literally may have died and gone to heaven today.

Some of the top trends I’m seeing are crop tops (yes, even for fall) with high waist bottoms, fun and flirty florals, matching separates and of course leather and fur. There's SO much more, y'all. It's truly been one of those know, the ones when you get so excited about what the future holds. That's me today.

Turns out I may actually be #MAGICReady.

Now, I need a glass of wine.

[caption id="attachment_707" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Just a few of the amazing finds from day two. Just a few of the amazing finds from day two.[/caption]

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