Every Little Bit Counts

by 5 August 02, 2014

Starting a business takes cash, y'all. Annie and I know this, of course, and from the very beginning, we've gone back and forth trying to decide on the best way to start SoSis. Our first plan: ask for a loan! Well, duh, who won't give us all the money we could need to start the biggest online shop ever?  We've written a kick-a** business plan (if I do say so myself) to state our case and we're ready to knock on the bank's door. Well, that's on hold for a bit because it's not the best first step. But, no worries amazing business plan. You're ready to rock when the time is right. After talking to a lot of smart people, we've decided to start this journey on our own, scrapping every last penny we can to get it off the ground. And what brings in lots of pennies? A garage sale! Ahem, excuse me. A chic, boutique-style garage sale, if we want to get technical. So, on August 2, 2014, Annie and I took another step on our SoSis journey and pulled together a garage sale in just one week. As a soon-to-be online boutique, we of course couldn't NOT publicize our products on social media. Facebook was our friend. We had mimosas and cupcakes to top it all off. Because of some pretty sweet people, we're off to a good start for SoSis and aren't stopping here. Only next time, the clothes we sell will be brand new (let's try not to point out the fact that some of Annie's clothes still had tags on them....Houston, we have a problem). Thanks to our first SoSis customers! There's some pretty great things to come really soon and we hope many of you are in for the ride with us! SS-GarageSaleBlog-2 SS-GarageSaleBlog-3



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