Four Things Chel has Learned in her 34th Year

Hi 34. How are you? Good, I hope. You kind of snuck in on me there. That's ok. You are welcome here. 
Celebrating turning one year older is something I am honored to do. Every year comes with its own lessons - both big and small. When thinking back on this past year, here are four lessons I've learned about myself. 
  1. I need productive mornings. Like a baby needs to be held, I need to wake up before most and be silent, to be still and to get work done. Between the hours of 4 - 7 a.m. are when I am on top of my game. I learned how to be a morning person from my Dad and really embraced it in college. But this year as my workload has increased and my daughter has needed my thoughtful presence more than ever, my mornings have become a sacred space. I cherish them so much that in my wise, old age (jkjk), I even wake up early on weekends to play a little catch-up and truly feel like my Saturday is mine afterward - not a clients', not SoSis' - but all mine. When I have a productive morning, the trajectory of my whole day is on pace to be good....well....until the dreaded email rolls on in. 
  2. I am a better human when I take time to move my body. I've been running since about 2014 and working out pretty regularly before then. I've gone through seasons of "all in" and seasons of "not today." What I know to be true is that when I move my body, I am happier. When I don't, I am....well....not as happy. I have zero competitive bones in my body so the speed at which I move isn't an issue, it's just the movement itself. I hope this is a lifelong habit for me that will allow me the ability and strength to keep moving and moving with intention, even if that means making an appointment with myself. 
  3. Being a small business owner is hard. Some days are just harder than others...heck maybe some seasons. What I wasn't prepared for when we launched SoSis and I started consulting on my own was the loneliness you feel when every decision is hard and all you want is for someone else to take the reigns and #makethedecisions. Thank goodness I have AC with SoSis - she's good at holding the reigns. But as a solo marketing consultant, I struggle with when to say "yes," when to say "no," and when to simply move on. This is a major goal for my 35th year. I feel like, it's time. 
  4. Good jeans (and friends) are worth investing in. Enough said. 

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