37% off 1 Item to Celebrate AC's 37th Birthday!

37 years YOUNG and feeling good, sha! 

2020 Birthday AC: Zoom birthday call with my sweet friends and family. 

2021 Birthday AC: In-person crawfish boil. 

WHOOP to the WHOOP, is all I can say. Goodness, this year was such a curve ball both professionally and personally. I feel bad, bold and wiser now :) 

So, cheers to 37 trips around the sun. Enjoy this sweet discount on me!

How to shop using this discount: 

  1. Browse shopsosis.com and pick out all the goodies you want 
  2. Email us - shopsosis@gmail.com (or DM on Facebook/Instagram) with your picks (include size and color option)
  3. We will send you an invoice applying 37% off the highest priced item 
Invoicing is the only way to shop this discount. Be sure to let us know your picks and we will get you covered, sis! 

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