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by Shop SoSis March 08, 2021

Thirty Three. 

Last year, I blissfully celebrated my 32nd birthday days before the stay-at-home order was announced in Louisiana. I took a birthday bike ride with my then two-year old, finger sucking babe and tried to enjoy every bit of the day. In true 32 fashion, the celebration was low-key. My sister, cousin, two nieces, nephew, and BFF came over to the house to eat take out. No masks. No sanitizer. No temperature check. No worries. Just a welcomed visit with some of my favorite people. Indoors. 

The Corona virus was something everyone was talking about, but I'm ashamed to say, it was something I kind of rolled my eyes at. No way what's happening in other countries is going to happen here. Lock down? That is crazy! 

Just a few days later life changed forever. And the chances you could catch my nieces and nephew over for an indoor visit were slim to none. Heart. Breaks. 

What a difference a year makes. To say we've all been forced to grow and adapt from how we lived one year ago is an understatement. From working from home with a toddler to hustling harder than ever to just survive in retail during a pandemic -- this year has made me stronger. But dear God, please let's not go back. 

I'm thankful for every new year around the sun and am excited to see what this year will bring. It's feeling lighter, more hopeful than last year and that, friends, is just the best gift ever. 

Cheers to growing older.
Cheers to turning 33.
Cheers to hugs. I've missed them.

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