20% of Sales Donated to help BUST Breast Cancer

SoSis and Annie Claire Designs are teaming up for a give back day, set for Tuesday, October 27, 2020.  20% of ALL SALES for both SoSis and Annie Claire Designs (online and in store) will go towards BUST Breast Cancer - a fundraiser for Woman's Hospital.

One thing we know for sure is that SoSis would not be possible without our parents and more specifically our mom.  She has been our number one fan since day one and has always encouraged us to follow our dreams.  As a small business owner herself (she is a florist in our hometown, Marksville), she understands our struggles and roots us on when we have wins.  Our sweet dad and husbands are just here for the ride!

Late summer of this year, our mom found out she had invasive ducal carcinoma after her annual mammogram. Not only is she our mother and grandmother to our children, but she is our role model.  She is one of the strongest people we know who has overcome so much in her life.  This is just another hurdle that we know she will conquer.  

Her initial reaction was complete shock. Our mom has never skipped a mammogram and when two “abnormal spots” were found, she just didn’t think they could possibly be cancer. No family history. She just thought -  this can’t happen to me, right?  After a little time and many appointments, it started to sink in. 

Mom was diagnosed this summer with Invasive ducal carcinoma. She has had a lumpectomy followed by a lymph node biopsy. She is preparing to undergo four weeks of radiation.

When mom found out about her diagnosis, I knew I was meant to participate. 

About the Bra

When I first started Annie Claire Designs, I used to make feather hair accessories, so I have boxes and boxes of gorgeous feathers.  I knew I wanted to use them and go for an “Avant Garde” look with my design.  The feathers represent Annie Claire Designs.   I included small pink flowers to represent our mom, who is a florist.  The rhinestone piece in the middle represents overcoming a life changing obstacle and celebrating that.



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