Feeling the Blues

So really, I'm not feeling blue at all these days. I'm actually pretty giddy about all of the exciting developments happening with SoSis and can't wait to share some good news with all of you soon.

With all good things comes hard work and a few changes. Change stresses me out. It always has. You should have talked to me when I moved to Baton Rouge for college almost - wait for it - 10 years ago. I was a mess. 

So, I've been reading one of my favorite creative soul/blogger/female business owner's posts lately and getting truly inspired by her. Lara Casey is one Instagram feed I truly look forward to reading. Her words have a way of motivating, calming and encouraging me to stay focused on what's important and try to find purpose in the day-to-day tasks on my to-do list. If something isn't purposeful, eliminate it and move on. Of course, that's easier said than done, but it is something I work at daily. 

I haven't been in front of the camera in a while. Between the sweet mamas that made an appearance for Mother's Day and Annie Claire's ability to rock a matching separate, I've been ok being behind the computer screen for a while - working on some purposeful work y'all. 

Nonetheless, I'm here wearing this super cute, super comfy outfit you have to try out. This top and these white jeans have become a go-to outfit of mine. Not only is this peplum tee practical, it's incredibly soft and flattering. And these white jeans....at just $32, really how can you go wrong? 

For reference, I'm wearing a small in the top and a medium in the white skinny jeans.  

Shop this look! 

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