This is a guest blog post by Lauren Blankenship

Through SoSis, Chel and Annie Claire do a bang up job of living out their hashtag #LYLAS (love ya like a sista), but this past weekend, they went above and beyond "love ya like a sista" to "love all Y'ALL like a sista."

They dedicated their Sunday to pack up their amazing pieces and come all the way to Thibodaux, Louisiana to participate in my sorority's spring philanthropy event: Delta Zeta Presents: Fashion for a Passion. It was a fashion show and vendor's market, with profits going to our national philanthropies the Starkey's Hearing Foundation and the Painted Turtle Camp put on by my sorority, the Kappa Alpha chapter of Delta Zeta at Nicholls State.

A little bit about our philanthropies

Starkey's Hearing Foundation works tirelessly to provide hearing aids and any other help to children in need of hearing assistance. The Painted Turtle Camp is a summer camp set up for terminally ill children, to give them an opportunity to fully experience a summer camp. Camp has a full staff of doctors, nurses and every other helper to make sure children get the most out of their experience. 

When Annie and Chel singed up to take part in our event, they also helped us to raise more than $12,000 (we're still counting) to ensure another child gets the opportunity to discover the joys of hearing as well as secured another child's chance at having a summer of a life time.

#LYLAS? I think so.

Sista sista

I never question if Chel loves me like a sista, because she is literally my sister. I also never question if Annie Claire loves me like a sista, because via Chel she has become a sister to me as well. But these two women took their love for me to another level. They opened their arms and their amazing fashion sense to my sorority sisters.

Having my actual sisters come out and show so much love to my sorority sisters was so moving to me. Their love for SoSis and willingness to travel to share their passion with whomever they can astounds me. I won't gush on them too much but y'all, they slay.

Work that runway girl 

I had the honor of modeling their clothes on the catwalk along side one of my sorority sisters, Kaitlyn Prejean. We both looked absolutely fabulous and felt so confident walking in the clothes the SoSis sisters put us in. The crowd liked the styling so much, SoSis was voted people's choice! Again, they slay.

Getting a chance to show off Chel and Annie and all of their hard work was my favorite thing. Converting my sorority sisters into SoSis sistas was a breeze because they know good fashion when they see it.


Afterwards, I had an overload of compliments, praises for SoSis and both Chel and Annie; my sorority sisters had fallen in love! But I mean, how could they not? Have you met these two? Just a reminder: they slay.

I love you both more words. Thank you so much.



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