Anything But Clear Blue Skies

Let's talk about taking family pictures with 2 toddlers. Disaster is what it is. My oldest, Aubree, actually does well and will even strike a pose for you. But when you have little Gracie boo running away from you because she thinks it's funny, Aubree tends to follow her lead. The more you chase, the faster they run and think it's super funny, all while you just look like a maniac.  

I'm just giving all you folks that do not have children yet a fair warning. Family pictures are hard work. In fact, I think I had to drink a cocktail before this particular shoot because I knew it would be chaotic. So there's that.

But when you have a patient photographer who is also your friend and can manage to get at least one decent picture, it's all worth it! (Thanks, Dana Crowe).  

As  you can see, I was going for the pastel spring look (light blues and pinks). I chose simplicity in my accessories since the top is so beautiful. Speaking of this top, I just love the raw edge finish along the bottom, sleeves, across the top of the chest and lining the back criss-cross detail. It's a really great quality top by one of our favorite brands, JOA. I paired it with white flare denim and wedges.  

For reference, I'm wearing a size medium in the top.  

Check out how I styled my outfit for family pics!

Shop the look here:

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