Only Seeing Black & White in This Lace Up Dress


More coffee please?                 

With so many different things pulling everyone in so many directions, it's easy to want just one more cup. One little jolt of caffeine to get you through. 

I've gotten in a bit of a bad habit lately drinking coffee throughout the day. I've always tried to keep it to black coffee just in the morning hours. But as SoSis continues to grow and Annie Claire and I keep balancing full time jobs along with our side hustle, caffeine is sometimes just a necessity.

In these photos, Annie Claire and I took a moment after an early Friday morning meet-up at one of our favorite local coffee shops, Garden District Coffee, to show you how amazing this lace up, black and white dress is. 

This feminine and chic, perfectly fitted, knit styled dress with a lace up neckline and swing silhouette is a perfect spring addition to your dress collection. 

Have an extra cup this morning and shop our new Suzie Lace Up Swing Dress today!  


Suzie Lace Up Swing Dress: $42 || Earrings are sold out, but view similar (for $24) here

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