10 Things I'm Packing for Our Next Beach Vacay

Vacation can't come soon enough. 

I am really lucky and excited about going on a few beach trips this summer in July and August! I'm so excited for early morning walks with my dad and Charlie Jo, card games in the condo with my cousins and maybe a margarita at sunset on the balcony. 

Growing up, going to the beach was a HUGE deal. You'd swear we were going to Disney World with how excited we all got the night before leaving. I remember not being able to sleep I was so excited. I also remember wearing my bathing suit underneath my clothes because who doesn't jump in the ocean first thing?! 

As I think about packing up for the beach, here are a few essentials I'll be toting around. 

1. Round beach towel (do it for the 'gram) 

2. Wet bikini bag (for all things damp) 

3. Affordable, "throw in your beach bag" sunglasses 

4. Neutral slides for the boardwalk (slide 'em on, slide 'em off and throw in your bag) 

5. Fun colorful earrings to pair with any bathing suit 

6. Fun new beach bag (because why not?) 

7. A fun coverup (only 1 left of this one) 

8. Soft and comfortable basic tee (for lounging and playing card games in the condo)

9. Take Me to the Beach Hat (because the name says it all, right?!)

10. Comfy jean shorts to throw over our bathing suit 

I hope you're planning a spectacular vacation this summer - even if right in your back yard. Let SoSis be a part of it by shopping locally with us either online or at our storefront in Port Allen

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