Summer 2023: LYLAS Box Unboxing

Welcome to our thoughtfully curated Summer LYLAS Box. We’ve partnered with Garden House Imports to put together what we hope is a surprise box packed with mindfully made goods you’ll want to talk about and wear all summer long.

Here’s what was inside:

  • Kimono …A colorful layer to wear so many ways, we designed this kimono with summer and YOU in mind. Sourcing fabric from the Moroccan markets, this open front kimono was handsewn by female artisans.
  • Bronze Bangle …You’re going to want to collect these and wear them everyday. This high-quality bronze bangle is delicate and beautiful – just like the women who made it.
  • Earrings by Annie Claire Designs …Our heart goes out to YOU and this summer LYLAS Box. Easy to wear earrings all season long.
  • Henna Lipstick …Goes on clear, then slowly pigments to perfectly complement every girl’s skin tone.


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