Fall 2022: LYLAS Box Unboxing

We hope you are ready for all the game day essentials packed into this Gameday LYLAS box!

Here’s what LYLAS Box subscribers found in their box: 

  • Sosis Signature Tee - an original collab with Sweet Baton Rouge, this exclusive Sosis x SWBR design is available ONLY at Sosis, and you get it first in this LYLAS gameday box!
  • Earrings - you know Annie Claire Designs ALWAYS delivers! These 3 circle earrings are making their debut in this box!
  • Bracelet - designed with a chunky varsity style, I mean, how much better does it get?
  • Velvet Hair claw - to hold your hair up in the heat of the season and for all the nail biting a great game requires!
  • Koozie for tailgating…we got you! 



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