LYLAS BOX: A shopping experience like no other

I've recently realized that a lot of sistas do not know that we offer personal styling at SoSis (gasp). Oh yeah ladies, I'm here to fix that situation and tell you a little about how the LYLAS (Love Ya Like a Sista) BOX works.

  • Are you a mom who does not shop for herself?  This box is for you.
  • Are you a hard working woman who just frankly doesn't have time to shop? This box is for you.
  • Do you LOVE fashion? This box is for you.
  • Do you hate going into big department stores to shop/try on? This box is for you.
  • Do you need a little "push" to step out of your comfort zone and try something new? This box is for you.
  • Do you enjoy getting packages in the mail? This box is for you.
  • Is it tough for you to buy online because you are unsure of fit? This box is for you.

There are so many women who need a LYLAS BOX subscription in their life, not just the fashionistas out there. It is a try-on-at-home box that you can customize as much as you'd like. Or, leave it to me to pick out pieces for you. The more information I have about you, the easier it is for me to hand select clothing and accessories just for you, and I get better and better at it every month as I learn your style! 

With just a small monthly fee of $10 and no long term commitments (you can cancel at anytime), it's totally worth it.  If you choose to keep your entire box, the $10 fee is waived AND you get a 10% discount. So really what is there to lose?

Now, I do realize that sometimes things just don't work out and you need to ship back some or all of your box. Simply email us with your decision and we will email you back a shipping label to return the box.  If you are local (Baton Rouge, Port Allen and surrounding areas), I would be happy to pick up the box from you and waive the subscription fee.

To learn more about how to sign up for the LYLAS box, see here. The more information that you can provide in the comment section, the better.  I need to know all about your lifestyle, what silhouette you prefer to wear, what you are looking for in your box, things you have your eye on but are hesitant to buy online, colors, prints, sizes, etc.  If you have a Pinterest style board, include the link!

Looking forward to getting to know you sistas (and shopping for you too)! 

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