Lookbook: Summer Daze

Summer is here and in Louisiana the heat has some of us feeling a little dazed and confused. This season is always a time when routines stop and shoes come off. For many, it’s not a time to slow down, but instead calendars fill up with (hopefully) all things FUN! In this new lookbook, we are excited to share with you some of the summer clothing, shoes and handmade accessories you’ll find at SoSis.

This summer as you plan your fun getaways, take SoSis with you - whether that be comfortably on your feet, dangling from your ears or wrapped around your waist! 


Shelby Dunbar | model
Meredith Hamblen | model 
Rebecca McBride | model 
Sarah Grace Sirera | model
Savannah Walker | model
Lacey Rabalais |  photographer
Shelby Corsentino​ | makeup artist 
Annie Claire L. Bass  |  stylist
Chelsey L. Blankenship  |  editor