Lookbook: Throw Me a little Mardi Gras

The tradition of celebrating Mardi Gras runs deep in our culture and when we go to parades, sometimes we're catching Koozies while other times we're catching shoes. Sometimes we're sitting on lawn chairs, sometimes we're climbing ladders. 

No matter how you celebrate, SoSis is here to throw you a little Mardi Gras inspiration with things that sparkle, tees that make you look twice and jewelry that is uniquely Annie Claire Designs. 

Throw us a little Mardi Gras, sista! 


Megan Bass | Model
Courtney Fos | Model 
Hannah Juneau | Model 
Annie Claire L. Bass | Stylist + Model 
Chelsey L. Blankenship | Editor + Model 
Emiley Lemoine | Stylist 
Lydia Pullman | Annie Claire Designs Creative Assistant 
Cassie Treuil | Photographer