Lookbook: Savor the Simple Moments

This winter season may look a little different than normal. Chances are, you aren’t hosting every member of your extended family over for Christmas Eve caroling. You’re probably not cooking two pots of gumbo, pulling names for gift exchanges or gathering at a restaurant for your office party.

Yes, we will miss these sweet traditions this year, but sometimes simplifying our celebrations brings out special moments that were there all along, but went unnoticed. 

Simplifying your holiday activities doesn’t have to mean simplifying your holiday wardrobe. This holiday, keep your outfits festive - even if you’re simply going from your bedroom to your dining room table. Break out the nice china, put on some red lipstick and savor every simple twinkle of lights, smell of a fire or pattering of feet. It is in these simple moments where memories are made. 


Ariel Bell | Model
Azizza Darwish | Model
Kallie Davis | Model
Alyssa LeCloirec-Swindell | Model
Cassie Treuil | Photographer
Annie Claire L. Bass | Stylist
Chelsey L. Blankenship | Editor