A New Home for the Holidays

Is there really anything sweeter than being home for Christmas? What can beat the scent of your mom’s favorite candle, the sound of a fire crackling or the taste of your grandmother’s gumbo? Being home for the holidays is a feeling we look forward to all year long. Well, that is exactly how we feel about SoSis’ new home address. On November 23, SoSis unlocked the doors to our new home.

Our first storefront, located at 3857 LA Highway 1 South, Port Allen, Louisiana, is nothing short of a dream come true. The scent of new paint on the walls, the sound of customers chattering and the taste of mimosas on a Saturday morning are all memories we will treasure for years to come.

Getting comfortable in a new home takes time, hard work and determination. We have been working on all three of these since October 2014 when we first launched shopsosis.com and we have no doubt we will find our comfy place in our new home in Port Allen, Louisiana much like we’ve done and continue to do online.

Carlie Boudreaux | model
Abby Hemba | model
Emily Hemba | model
Melissa Stallings  |  model
Lacey Rabalais |  photographer
Verdé Beauty | make up artist
Annie Claire L. Bass  |  stylist
Chelsey L. Blankenship  |  editor