June 27, 2017

A cyclone is defined as a system of winds rotating inward in a circular pattern. In Louisiana, we are all too familiar with high winds and water. Most of the time, we call these tropical storms or, even worse, hurricanes.

When working on this lookbook, we were inspired by our photoshoot location - the laundromat. It makes sense for SoSis - clothes must be washed after all - and it was so fun to get creative in what some would call a not-so-beautiful location. Our models and talented photographer made photos in front of the Speed Queen gorgeous. 

Do you ever feel like you are spinning in circles only to realize if you just stopped for a second, you’d see just how much progress you’ve actually made? Life with a SoSis storefront and shopsosis.com has been nothing short of fun and exhausting - mostly at the same time. Some days, it feels like we are spinning our wheels trying to make our store different from others while at other times, it feels like we are past the spin cycle and in the perfectly pressed, ready to wear stage of our SoSis journey. The truth is, no matter what stage of wash you’re in, it’s important to be thankful for and enjoy the process. Progress is not always perfect, but it’s always good. Be proud of your progress.

We are proud to show you our 19th lookbook! Don’t let it spin you around. Let the bright colors and fun prints of summer hang on the pages, then treat yourself, sista!


Emily Aucoin | model
Brittany Blackwell | model
Valaree Rachal | model
Cassie Treuil Photography |  photographer
Carlie Boudreaux |  make-up artist
Annie Claire L. Bass  |  stylist
Chelsey L. Blankenship  |  editor

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Size Chart

Our size chart below shows average measurements for sizing. The majority of our apparel items are junior sized. Due to our wide variety of apparel and brands, items sometimes stray from these average measurements.

If you have a specific sizing question or would like more information, please contact Customer Care. SoSis strives to provide fashion-forward, trendy clothing to women of all shapes and body types. We want ALL women to feel beautiful in our products.