Fireside Celebration


Come on, y’all. Let’s celebrate! It’s time to light a fire, pull out the marshmallows and be thankful for the many wonderful people gathered around. It’s almost Christmas - one of our favorite times of year. It’s a time when Annie Claire is convinced she married Clark Griswald; a time when we have to stop ourselves from buying too many new toys; a time when we focus on how to make SoSis stand out among all the noise happening during the holiday season.

We’ve had a lot to celebrate lately. After enjoying all of SoSis’ first birthday parties (yes plural), we feel like it can’t possibly be time for more cake. Wrong. Maybe some pecan pie instead?

Something about the hustle and bustle brings back nostalgic feelings of being kids and running after (literally chasing) our mom in the mall. The funny thing is, even though we still love to go and see mad shoppers frantically searching for the perfect gift, we never actually BUY anything in that chaotic environment. No, it’s not until we get home do we search online for the perfect present, have it delivered to our door with no hassle necessary.

We hope this holiday season you’ll think of SoSis when you’re online shopping and know how much your gift means to a small business like us.


Allison Ewing | model
Darby Jarratt | model
Lacey Rabalais | photographer
Annie Claire L. Bass | stylist
Chelsey L. Blankenship | editor