May 24, 2016

Taking time to explore is something we too often pass on. Exploration of new ideas, meeting new people and experiencing new ways of thinking always fire us up. The summer is a perfect time to stop and explore the world around us. That is why we titled our new lookbook - A Time to Explore. Whether it’s taking an extravagant trip out of the country or exploring what’s in your own backyard, finding inspiration through exploration is something we so often do not do.

We have been exploring many exciting opportunities with SoSis. We’re exploring new ways to communicate with our sistas including Snapchat (we know, it’s not so new), guest blog posts and more. We're exploring new brands to add to our growing list of high-quality, trendy, affordable portfolio. We're also very intrigued by the overwhelming support for the LYLAS Box and have been exploring ways to make that concept even better.  

These new ideas come from the opportunity you’ve given us by supporting SoSis.  It’s because of your business we’re able to explore ways to achieve our ultimate dream - to operate one of the best women’s boutiques with unmatched service, must-have products and inspiring content to move women to achieve whatever it is their heart desires.

This summer, we’ll be exploring even more for SoSis and we're happy (and thankful) to have sistas like you to share our journey with.


Lauren Blankenship | model
Taylor Hunter  |  model
Caroline Smith  |  model
Lacey Rabalais |  photographer
Annie Claire L. Bass  |  stylist
Chelsey L. Blankenship  |  editor

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